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How to make native WordPress Video player (using shortcode) responsive and full width

In order to achive this, you need to add the below code in your styles.css file source: https://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/245388/how-to-make-native-video-player-full-width/245911

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htaccess & WordPress – All you need to know.

Basic CMS – Default .htaccess file for WordPress Multisite CMS – Default .htaccess file for WordPress Default .htaccess file for WordPress – Basic CMS deployed …

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List of all colors available for PowerShell

PowerShell is a shell scripting language. At times we need to present different colors for different sections of the script output. For PowerShell, console colors …

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How to make div stick to the bottom of page

Pin a footer to the bottom of the viewport in desktop browsers with this custom CSS for your WordPress site.

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How to enable or upload WebP Images in WordPress

WebP is a new image format that can make image files smaller compared to jpeg allowing WordPress website to load images quicker. Hence, resulting in …

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Setting up a Create-React-App with PM2 and Nginx on AWS EC2

Recently, I was working on a project and wanted to host it online. In addition, I didn’t wanted to use Heroku as I thought that …

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